Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tips about how to select Gold Buyers - PoshPawnBroker

Do you have gold coins stocked in the attic? You'll be able to convert these into cash by looking for trustworthy online gold buyers.
Gold buyers are ready to promise customers anything in order to make sure their business is running. You can see it from quite a few TV channels and online advertisements that make viewers curious about the gold industry.
If you'd like to know where to find a company that could buy gold coins, look at gold buyers available in your area. For those not familiar with this trade, however, here are a few important points to consider when looking for reliable gold buyers:
-The presence of a physical address:
There are several illegitimate gold buyers out there. These companies generally offer a Postbox number instead of contact details. You need to be careful about these gold buyers.
It is important that you confirm the physical address of the gold buyer through their site. Do your own research by making use of Google maps to learn if the physical address actually exists.
Make sure you get their contact number by way of their website and give them a call. You need to ask them about service and mode of payment. The business should be willing to explain the process to you if you do not understand how they go about their business.
-The price offered for gold per gram
It is important to know the price the buyer is prepared to pay per gram of sell gold. They should be specific about pricings in different karat ranges as well. Note that that the price of gold changes every day. Sellers such as yourself ought to have an idea about the current market price of gold per gram to find out if the price given to you is reasonable.
-The name of the shipping company the gold buyer is using
Check how the company will ship your gold coins. It is highly recommended to trust gold buying companies that do not use an U.S. postal service. It is because couriers that go through the postal system suffer from the highest rating in theft and lost packaging. In addition, it has no insurance coverage and that can mean trouble if your package gets lost along the way.
If the businesses use FEDEX, UPS and DHL for shipping gold, then you can breathe easy. These couriers are trustworthy and reliable.
Another thing you should keep in mind is you shouldn't trust in companies that use an untraceable system in shipping gold. If you do, you may end up losing your gold coins with no tracking system and nobody to contact for it.
-The offer of the gold buyer
There are two ways for gold dealers to notify you when they've got an offer. In the first method, the firm sends a check with a fixed time frame that's usually 10 to 12 days. This will give you enough time to negotiate if you can not agree with their offer. In most cases, the check gets to the customer with only 2 days left to settle the price. Once this period is over, gold buyers will melt your gold and you will not be able to do anything about it.
In the other method, the Jewelry Buyer will give you a call or e-mail you their final offer. They're going to give you some time to think of their offer. When you're satisfied, they are going to send a check and if you're not satisfied, they'll give back your gold coins.
-Insurance of your shipping
If the company wishes to buy gold coins from you, it must look after your best interest as a seller. They should be able to provide you insurance for the gold you will ship. Many gold buyers provide you with insured shipping to deal with any type of unanticipated accidents. The gold buyer must provide insurance that's worth the package.